Support H.R.6274!


H.R.6274 The $7500 Federal Tax Credit for purchasing an EV begins to be phased out once a manufacturer delivers its 200,000th electric vehicle. Tesla has now hit that limit and GM is expected to hit that limit either this fiscal quarter or the next. Representative Peter Welch (D-VT) has introduced a bill to the House Ways and Means Committee that would remove that 200,000 car cap and is proposing a calendar-based the phase-out. You can read the proposed bill here:

Contact your legislators and ask for their support:

State Senator Jerry Hill
California State Senate
Phone: (650) 212-3313 (San Mateo office)

Assemblymember Evan Low (District 28)
California State Assembly
Phone: (408) 446-2810 (Cupertino office)

Assemblymember Marc Berman (District 24)
California State Assembly
Phone: (650) 691-2121 (Los Altos office)

Assemblymember Kevin Mullin (District 22)
California State Assembly
Phone: (650) 349-2200 (San Mateo office)