Call Your Legislators to Support Climate Bills in the California State Legislature


AB-3001 - Zero-emissions buildings and sources of heat energy

This bill aligns the state’s building energy policies with its long-term climate goals. Currently, the building energy code ignores greenhouse gas emissions in setting efficiency levels, which gives fossil natural gas an undue advantage over clean electricity, and utilities are handcuffed from offering incentives to replace polluting gas equipment with electric alternatives. 

AB3232 - Zero-emissions buildings and sources of heat energy

This bill, aims to cut climate pollution from the building sector in half by 2030. It also require new buildings to zero out their carbon emissions by 2030, meaning the buildings must generate enough solar power to offset their annual energy-related emissions.

Contact our legislators in the State Capitol Building and ask for their support:

State Senator Jerry Hill
California State Senate
Phone: (650) 212-3313 (office in San Mateo)

Assemblymember Marc Berman (District 24)
California State Assembly
Phone: (650) 691-2121 (Los Altos office)

Assemblymember Kevin Mullen (District 22)
California State Assembly
Phone: (650) 349-2200 (San Mateo office)