Helping our Neighbors


Our hearts are with those affected by these devastating North Bay fires. For information on how to help, and for resources if you are evacuating, please visit:

In a recent study from the Earth Institute at Columbia University, it was found that human-induced climate change has doubled the area affected by forest fires in the western United States over the last 30 years. Acterra is committed to fighting climate change, a major contributor to the extreme weather events that lead to the fires burning throughout the North Bay. 

Using Your Voice to Drive Change


We called on you to take action and you succeeded! Thanks to your calls to your State Representatives, Assembly Bills 726 and 813 will notmove forward this year. Also, SB 100, the bill that calls for 100% renewable by 2045, was amended to remove all problematic language. Keep up the good work!

What's next?
Now we have a new challenge with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt working to undo President Obama’s Clean Power Plan which would have reduced CO2 emissions dramatically from electricity generation. Please call and write your member of Congress to voice opposition to the undoing of the Clean Power Plan.

Plan Ahead! Know the Age of Your Water Heater


Many times we don’t know we need a new water heater until it’s too late. This often leaves us stuck with inefficient natural gas water heaters.  

With these websites, you can find out the age of your water heater, and plan ahead.

Click here for more information, so you can be prepared to make the switch to a heat pump water heater when the time comes.

Get Your Mayor to Proclaim Energy Efficiency Day!

Energy Effic Day logo-trans-date2.png

On October 5, 2017, a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and others will join together to showcase the benefits of energy efficiency as part of the second annual national Energy Efficiency Day.

A great way to boost the profile of Energy Efficiency Day: ask your mayor or governor to officially proclaim it!

Click here for more information and ways to take action.

The Spirit of Giving During a Trying Time

Acterra is working hard to combat global warming, which contributed to the strength of hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These tragedies will become increasingly more common as the average temperature of the planet increases and amps up the hydrological (water) cycle. Both hurricanes are expected to cost more than $100 billion each. But people need help now. We urge you to donate to the Red Cross relief funds