Silicon Valley Green Team Network
2019 Fall Forum
Growing Sustainability through Volunteerism

Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2019
Time: 11 am - 3 pm
Location: LinkedIn, 700 Middlefield Road, Mountain View, Building 4, Level 1, Together Conference Room
Lunch and refreshments will be provided
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The Silicon Valley Green Team Network Fall Forum will address the challenges that green teams face in finding meaningful and engaging volunteer opportunities for staff within their organization. "Green" volunteer opportunities at work are often single day off-campus conservation projects, which are fun and empowering, but do not address environmental problems within the workplace. Forum participants will gain the tools and resources to shift towards new volunteer initiatives for corporate sustainability solutions that provide lasting results with significant impact. Earth Day is every day!


Keynote Speaker:
Sunya Ojure Norman is the director of sustainability for Salesforce, where she leads corporate impact communications and stakeholder engagement initiatives. She is also a champion of Pledge 1%, an integrated philanthropy movement Salesforce cofounded to encourage other companies to leverage their resources for social impact. She is passionate about creating happy, healthy communities. Sunya has an MBA from Presidio Graduate School, BA from Brown University and over ten years of experience building sustainability programs at diverse organizations, from nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies. Her best days involve bringing people together, problem solving and crafting stories to inspire change.

Escape Room Activity:
Join us for a fun escape game activity with a climate change narrative about a scientific team in the Arctic. The 5 stations with climate change themed puzzlers are designed to educate and inspire behavioral change. You may even want to try this with your green team!

Ben Lai.jpg

Ben Lai is a product manager at LinkedIn. He manages a team of engineers that develop and promote better customer support tools, process improvements, and culture change. He is a founder and an active member of the LinkedIn Go Green South Bay Chapter, an employee volunteer group whose purpose is to educate LinkedIn employees and advocate for more sustainable business practices. In August 2019, Ben helped create and execute a very popular sustainability-themed "Escape Room"-like event where more than 100 people solved puzzles.

Breakout Sessions:
Participants will be divided into four breakout groups. Each breakout group will look at a different Project Drawdown solution and, as a team, develop volunteer ideas that green teams can take on in their organization to address the Drawdown solution. Breakout groups will share their findings at the end of the session allowing participants to come away from the activity with several volunteering ideas to execute in their workplace.


Public Transportation:
VTA Light Rail - If riding the light rail, use the Mountain View - Winchester Route (902) to the Middlefield Station. The Middlefield Station is an 8 minute (0.4 mi) walk to LinkedIn Building 4. Please see google maps for additional transit options via bus, as well as bicycle routes.

Lyft and Carpooling:
LinkedIn has graciously subsidized Lyft rides for attendees up to $20. Enter promo code ACTERRA19 to receive the discount. The code will be available between 7 AM and 5 PM on Oct. 2 for the destination: 700 E. Middlefield Road, Mt. View, CA – Building 4. If you are unable to take public transit or Lyft, please consider signing up for the carpool.

Parking Options:
The LinkedIn Middlefield Campus has an assisted parking service for employees and visitors. Once attendees arrive they should look for the parking signs that direct them to assisted parking. The attendants will guide them into a parking space and register their vehicle, leave their keys with the attendant, and request their vehicle at the end of the day through a text message. If you must drive, please carpool.

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Thank you to our Advisory Committee:

Margaret Foster-Roesner, Alcatraz Cruises
Neeharika Gupta, VMWare
Amanda Johnston, Alcatraz Cruises
Rebecca Navarro, Palo Alto Unified School District
Kathleen Wong, Adobe