South Bay residents: Have you heard the good news about Silicon Valley Clean Energy?

Your electricity is becoming a lot greener, without you having to do a thing!  Silicon Valley Clean Energy (SVCE) is a new community-owned agency, formed last spring by twelve South Bay communities, to purchase clean energy on our behalf — at costs below PG&E.

SVCE purchases 100% carbon-free power from solar, wind and hydropower, and places it onto the grid. PG&E continues to distribute electricity through their existing infrastructure, perform maintenance, billing and customer service, so there will be no difference in your utility service or reliability. SVCE is locally controlled and guided by a Board of Directors comprised of elected representatives from each member community, and provides greater transparency and access to the decisions affecting your business. SVCE will also return net revenues back to the community in programs that will benefit their commercial and residential customers.

All the cities and unincorporated areas within Santa Clara County (except for Milpitas, Palo Alto, San Jose and Santa Clara) are part of SVCE. Between now and July, all residents in each of these communities will be automatically enrolled in SCVE’s GreenStart program, which offers a 50/50 mix of energy from renewables and large hydropower, and costs 1% less than PG&E’s equivalent generation rate. For a small premium, you can make your home even greener by choosing to upgrade to GreenPrime, SVCE’s 100% renewable energy choice. You can choose GreenPrime as an early adopter before your official SVCE start date, or after you’ve been enrolled in GreenStart.

Energy users may also choose to “opt out” of SVCE and remain as bundled PG&E customers, using electricity sources that are nearly 33% renewable and 70% carbon free (from hydro, nuclear and other sources). 

A quick video guide to your new energy choices can be viewed at:

SVCE will be holding community meetings throughout the enrollment period for customers who would like to learn more about its governance, enrollment schedule, solar net metering and clean energy choices. More information about these upcoming events is available at: