Test Drive an Induction Cooktop!


It’s faster, cleaner, safer and more energy efficient than gas or traditional electric burners.

Acterra announces the Peninsula’s first Induction Cooktop Loaner Program. Borrow a counter-top induction cooktop for up three weeks. Each kit includes an induction cooktop, a pan, and a carrying case. 

Find Out Why Master Chefs Prefer Induction Over Gas

  • Great heat control, just like gas.

  • Safety. No red-hot coil, no open flame. No heat produced unless there’s cookware on the surface. Auto-off setting that turns off the stove when you remove the cookware. 

  • Cleaner air, compared to gas. Besides running on clean, renewable electricity, induction eliminates indoor gas emissions, leading to healthier indoor air quality

  • Easy to clean. Just one swipe of the surface with a damp sponge does the trick.

Ready to try it for yourself? Click here to reserve yours. 

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