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The Silicon Valley Green Team Network enables members to exchange information, share successes and challenges, and support each other. Our members are volunteer representatives from a company or organization who strive to increase sustainability within their workplace and inspire their colleagues to make sustainable choices at work, at home, and in their communities.

Fall Forum 2018

Fall Forum 2018 Recap: An Appetite for Change – Food Sustainability at Work

 Photo credit: Nicole Angiel

Photo credit: Nicole Angiel

Thanks to our event host Alcatraz Cruises, the Fall Forum was held on a hybrid vessel on San Francisco Bay on November 7, 2018. Photos from the event can be found here.

Fall Forum Keynote Speaker


Kari Hamerschlag is deputy director of the food and agriculture program for Friends of the Earth. Kari leads the organization’s animal agriculture work, including a climate-friendly food service initiative that aims to leverage state, municipal, K-12 and university food purchasing dollars to support local farmers and ranchers and drive market shifts and consumption towards healthier, plant-forward, sustainable food. Kari has extensively researched the links between food production and climate change and authored the web-based Meateater’s Guide to Climate Change and Health. Kari has a Masters from UC Berkeley in Latin American Studies and City and Regional Planning.  

5 for 5 Speaker Panel

Erin Cooke, Director of Sustainability, San Francisco International Airport
Erin will provide a taste of the sustainable dining options at SFO.

Sybil Cramer
, Founder, Los Altos High School PTSA Go Green Sustainability Committee
Sybil will tell the success of Los Altos High School installing 30 EV Charging Stations through PowerFlex via BAAQMD grant money!

Alex Elias, Education Specialist,
Alex will share how Aquarium of the Bay has positively influenced the sustainability strategy for local seafood restaurants. She will highlight their work with Fog Harbor Restaurant.

Kevin Lee, Green Business Associate, San Francisco Department of the Environment
Kevin will layout the steps for becoming a certified Green Business and highlight the benefits of joining the certified Green Business community.

Paloma Sisneros-Lobato
, Former Verification Program & Expansion Fellow, Food Recovery Network
Paloma will discuss her work with the Food Recovery Network to prevent waste and to feed the hungry.

Fall Forum Agenda

Margaret Foster-Roesner
, Director of ISO, Training & Sustainability, Alcatraz Cruises

Kari Hamerschlag
, Deputy Director, Food and Agriculture Program, Friends of the Earth— How Food Choices Affect the Climate

Get to know your Silicon Valley Green Team Network members through a Human Charts activity

Please bring your own lunch as well as a reusable coffee cup and/or water bottle. Any participant that brings a zero-waste lunch will qualify for the zero-waste raffle. Raffle items include two Alcatraz cruise tickets, reusable food storage items, energy efficiency tools, and more.

Five speakers will present different success stories their green teams have accomplished around food sustainability in the workplace. Each speaker will present for five minutes followed by a Q&A period.
Erin Cooke, Director of Sustainability, San Francisco International Airport — Sustainable Dining at SFO
Sybil Cramer, Founder, Los Altos High School PTSA Go Green Sustainability Committee — EV Charger Installation Funding
Kevin Terry Lee, Green Business Associate, San Francisco Department of the Environment — Applying to be a Green Business
Alex Elias, Education Specialist, Aquarium of the Bay — Choosing Sustainable Seafood 
Paloma Sisneros-Lobato, Former Verification Program & Expansion Fellow, Food Recovery Network — How the Food Recovery Network Prevents Waste and Feeds the Hungry

This portion of the program will take place dockside at the Alcatraz Landing Cafe from 2pm - 3pm. Coffee and other refreshments will be provided courtesy of Alcatraz Cruises.

Past Forums

 photo: hEATHER sMITH

photo: hEATHER sMITH

Spring Forum 2018 Recap: 
Changing Mindsets—Investing in our Future

The Network came together on April 4th at Flex with 55 representatives from 28 Bay Area organizations. There were inspiring talks by R. Paul Herman of HIP Investor and Peggy Brannigan of LinkedIn, and an interactive panel of Network members sharing success stories. These presentations helped lay the foundation for breakout sessions to dive into implementing a growth mindset for sustainability and shifting to impact investing.


Fall Forum 2017 Recap:
Getting Management Buy-in

The Network came together October 18th at Symantec to learn how to get "management buy-in” for sustainability initiatives with 48 representatives from 27 Bay Area organizations. Keynote Speaker Peter Graf provided a dynamic and inspiring opening presentation before we dove deeper into change management during breakout sessions.  Attendees also toured Symantec's WELL Building, learned about the impacts of diet on climate, and had essential networking time.

Spring Forum 2017 Recap: Building a More Vibrant Green Team
The network came together in March to learn about building a successful green team. Attendees heard from keynote speaker Tammy Sanders of Acxiom about the power of engagement and inclusion. In addition, attendees participated in breakout sessions to learn from each other’s successes and adversities in establishing green initiatives in the workplace.

Fall Forum 2016 Recap: Greening the Holidays
The network came together for the first time to discuss sustainable events in the workplace. Participants heard from a panel of experts and enjoyed a tour of the City of San Jose Environmental Innovation Center.


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