Reduce Energy Waste AND Utility Bills

Acterra’s Green@Home program offers educational programs that help individuals take action to reduce their home energy waste while also reducing their energy bills. Hundreds of residents in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties have reduced their carbon emissions and energy costs through our workshops, online energy audits, hands-on demonstrations, and home visits. See below for more information about how the Green@Home program has been deployed in Sunnyvale and Mountain View.

Would you like to bring the Green@Home program to your city? Contact Julie Noblitt, Energy and Climate Program Director, at

Sunnyvale  Through June 2018, any resident of Sunnyvale (renter or homeowner) is eligible to sign up for Acterra’s Green@Home program. Offered in partnership with Home Energy Analytics and funded by Silicon Valley Energy Watch, this FREE service offers a personalized online energy audit using SmartMeter data, along with specific recommendations for stopping energy waste, based on the individual home’s energy use patterns. Participants also receive semi-monthly progress reports on their energy-saving progress.

Mountain View  In 2011–2014, Acterra deployed the Green@Home energy savings program in Mountain View, yielding significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and corresponding energy savings. Participants achieved an average annual reduction in natural gas use of 16.4 percent and annual electricity savings of 5.5 percent. These savings exceed other large scale energy-conservation programs such as "neighbor comparison" letters that strive for an overall 2 percent reduction in energy use.

Community Choice Energy  The Green@Home program helps accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy by educating the public about clean energy agencies such as Peninsula Clean Energy in San Mateo County, and Silicon Valley Clean Energy for selected cities in Santa Clara County.