Help make Sunnyvale more sustainable by reducing your energy bills and lowering your carbon emissions.

Green@Home is a FREE program to help Sunnyvale residents save energy. Sponsored by the City of Sunnyvale and offered by Acterra, a local non-profit, Green@Home helps residents save money and reduce their environmental impact. Click HERE to sign up online now! 

Activate your account by June 30 and be entered in a drawing for a free Nest Learning Thermostat! (click here for official contest rules)

With the Green@Home program you can:
•   Get an online Smart Audit of YOUR home’s energy use
•   Get personalized recommendations on how to cut energy waste and lower your bills
•   Receive regular email feedback on your energy-saving progress
•   Have a secure “dashboard” to monitor your energy use
•   Call or email Acterra's Home Energy Advisor with your questions

All Sunnyvale homeowners and renters (except those with solar) are eligible to participate.

What People are Saying about Green@Home:

"We didn't realize how much electricity our big-screen plasma TV consumes! We replaced it with an ENERGY STAR certified TV and now we are saving $100 - $140 each year!” - The Rao Family, Sunnyvale residents
"I replaced 7 halogen floodlights in our family room with LED floodlights and am saving $170 per year." - Doug K., Sunnyvale resident
"I added a smart remote control to the recirculation pump: Hey Google, turn warm water on!" - Ullas, Sunnyvale resident
"I think it's great that the city is concerned about saving energy and thus reducing our green house gas emissions" - Frank, Sunnyvale resident

Take a Bite Out Of Your Home Energy Bills

These short, informative videos will help you save money!


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The City of Sunnyvale offers Acterra’s Green@Home program free of charge to all city residents based on a grant from Silicon Valley Energy Watch. Acterra is a non-profit organization and works with Home Energy Analytics (HEA), a Silicon Valley based software analytics firm. All your data will be handled on a secure server and it is not visible to City of Sunnyvale staff.