GoEV! Love the Planet AND Your Car

Acterra is helping accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy by providing local citizens with hands-on opportunities to experience the benefits and advantages of electric vehicles.

FREE Electric Vehicle Workshop – Everything You Need to Know to “Go EV”

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hope United Methodist Church
115 El Campo Drive
South San Francisco, CA

6:30 pm   EV owners will display their vehicles and answer questions about EV ownership
7-8:30 pm    Workshop and Q&A

Come learn about:
The benefits of EVs versus gas-powered cars
Government rebates (up to $12,000) for "going EV"
Battery range and charging basics
Leasing versus buying
Current makes/models and what's in store for the future!

This event is made possible by support from Peninsula Clean Energy and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

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Employee Engagement Events
Bay Area Businesses: Do you want to promote the benefits of EVs to your employees? Increase awareness/use of your EVSEs? Pursue commute or fuel related LEED credits? We can help! Acterra's workshops and ride & drive events can help promote visibility, interest, and adoption of EVs at your workplace. Contact arianee@acterra.org for more information on our turn-key employee engagement opportunities that will motivate your employees to "Go EV"!


Show Us Your EV Grin
New EV Owners: we want to know how much you love your car! Please email us a photo of you and your new EV, and let us know if/how Acterra's GoEV program helped you get your EV grin!
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Get your FREE Electric Vehicle Consultation
Are you interested in “going EV,” but need a little encouragement before taking the plunge? We can help! Sign-up for a free consultation with an Acterra EV Ambassador. Your Ambassador will answer your questions, provide information about specific makes/models, charging options, and leasing vs buying, and share their owner experiences. Consultations take place via phone or in person if you would like to take an EV test ride/drive.

EV Ambassadors
Acterra is utilizing its signature "grass-roots" approach by convening a group of EV proponents to educate community members about the benefits of electric vehicles. EV Ambassadors answer questions and provide encouragement to prospective owners, give EV test rides/drives, and participate in Acterra's EV-related events and activities. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Sign up here!

Acterra is conducting two-hour workshops throughout the year which provide consumers with information about the benefits and how-to's of EV ownership.

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