EV Resources

Everything you want to know about EVs: Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers

Consumer Reports: Electric Cars 101: The Answers to All Your EV Questions

Consumer Reports: Hybrid/EV Buying Guide

Guide to Greenhouse Gases and Electric Vehicles

EV Models & Makes currently available: https://pluginamerica.org/vehicles/

Current EV leasing deals. Note that these do NOT include the State EV rebate!:  http://ev-vin.blogspot.com  

State EV Rebate: https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng

Increased State EV Rebate for low-to-moderate income earners (scroll down to view table): https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng/income-eligibility

Additional financial incentives: https://driveclean.ca.gov/Calculate_Savings/Incentives.php