Climate Resilient Communities:
Equity and Action for a Healthy Future

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In the Bay Area, as throughout the world, low-income communities are disproportionately affected by the negative consequences of climate change. Acterra builds alliances between community residents, local government programs, and community-based organizations in low-income areas in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties to create resilience against the coming impacts of climate change. We specialize in outreach in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven (Menlo Park), where we help organize community events for environmental awareness and action.


Green@Home to Grid Ready


Acterra’s Green@Home program was a natural to bring to low-income communities in the Bay Area back in 2016, as the tightening housing market forced many families to share housing, thus driving energy costs up to as much as 20% of household income. We have taken this program one step further by working with partners such as GRID Alternatives, Habitat for Humanity, El Consilio, and Rebuilding Together to offer both renters and homeowners basic home repair, energy efficiency devices and education, as well as free rooftop solar to eligible homeowners in qualifying neighborhoods. This can help cut homeowner energy bills up to 90 percent.

GoEV in Low-Income Communities


With generous purchase rebate programs, low or non-existent maintenance costs, inexpensive charging (compared to the cost of gasoline), and lack of air-polluting emissions, electric vehicles (EVs) are an especially attractive choise for those in low-income communities. However, not enough people are aware of the benefits and many mistakenly believe that the cost of an EV is out of reach. Acterra provides EV workshops, webinars, and “ride-and-drive” events in low-income communities to ensure that everyone knows how cost-effective it can be to drive an EV.

Other Climate-Resiliency Outreach Initiatives

  • With our partners at Build It Green and El Concilio in 2018, we are helping dozens of residents in East Palo Alto access the Low-Income Weatherization Program (LIWP), which provides vital home improvements that make heating and cooling homes easier and cheaper.

  • We are conducting educational outreach and capacity building, along with Resilient By Design, on the permanent effects of sea-level rise in the South Bay. It's easy to think of sea level rise flooding as an all-or-nothing scenario – sea level rises, people have to get out, right? Not necessarily! The short film from James Corner Field Operations shows some exciting possibilities.

  • We are delighted to offer educational outreach about the benefits to those in low-income areas of participating in Peninsula Clean Energy’s programs that offer clean energy at lower rates than PG&E.

Would you like help reaching low-income communities with your energy-saving or climate-friendly initiative? Contact Violet Saena, Resilient Communities Program Manager, at