Clean Energy Access for All:
A Design Sprint on Funding Models 

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On October 18, 2018, Acterra organized a "design sprint" (an interactive, time-intensive prototyping session), hosted by 42 Silicon Valley in Fremont. The design sprint convened more than 40 philanthropists, foundations, civic and community leaders, entrepreneurs, and directors of environmental community-based organizations to work toward solutions for making the clean energy revolution accessible to all.

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In addition to dozens of ideas and many new partnerships, four short-term working groups emerged:

Storytelling Working Group

Goal: Make it easier to communicate the importance of clean energy for all by creating a shared language among all stakeholders

• Set of talking points for CBOs and communities to use when communicating with funders, policymakers
• Best practices for getting communities to the table early

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Metrics Working Group

Goal: Make it easier for CBOs and funders to measure what impact clean energy is having in the communities they serve.

• Resource guide developed by funders and CBOs with framework of high-value metrics with tips and best practices for collecting those metrics.

Policy Working Group

Goal: Remove policy barriers to clean energy access for all.

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• I.D. which policies impede progress on establishment of clean energy access for all (in CA)
• Meet with electeds (e.g. new Governor of CA) with new policy recommendations

Funding/Business Models Working Group

Goal: Remove barriers to funding clean energy solutions.

• Resource guide/tool for CBOs and community leaders to identify best sources for making clean energy available in their local communities.

A white paper based on outcomes from the summit is also forthcoming. 

To join a group, contact Julie Noblitt at