The Judging Process

The Acterra Business Environmental Awards judges will evaluate the award applicants in each category with their committee members and recommend awardees. The evaluation process includes reviewing written applications, selecting finalists, conducting site visits, and recommending awardees to the Acterra Board of Directors. 

Judges' Qualifications and Requirements

The following requirements and qualifications are met by all program judges:

  • Working knowledge of environmental issues through education, professional or volunteer experience, with an emphasis on the category selected for judging

  • Commitment to the development of a sustainable community

 Conflicts of Interest

To avoid the possibility or appearance of a biased decision, judges identify and excuse themselves from judging any category involving a potential area of conflict, including, but not limited to, the following situations:

  • Any judge actively seeking employment at applicant's place of business

  • Compliance or enforcement personnel whose jurisdiction includes the applicant

  • Any judge who has current or pending contracts with an applicant

  • Any close ties (business or personal) between judge and applicant that would preclude impartiality

Judges' Responsibilities

  • Respect the process and the participants

  • Review each written application to determine how well the applicant meets the Award Criteria

  • Participate in group discussions, meetings and decisions

  • Review all applications based on the Judging Criteria outlined in the Application

  • Attend site visits

  • Contribute written notes/comments for inclusion in the committee’s written suggestions

2020 BEA Judging Timeline

Nominees Announced                                                Monday, December 16, 2019

Initial Judges Meeting                                                Early January 2020
(discuss applications, select finalists)                                                

Finalists notified                                                          Late January 2020

Site visits*                                                                    Late January thru mid-February 2020

Finalist Announced                                                     Monday, February 3, 2020

Awardee Selection Meetings                                      Late February 2020

Judges Dinner and ratification of
award recipients by Acterra Board                             Early March 2020

Awardees Announced                                                Monday, March 16, 2020

Business Environmental Awards Reception                May TBD, 2020

*Site Visits

The purpose of the site visit is to collect information relevant to the application category beyond that provided in the application materials. The site visit creates an interactive setting for information gathering, which a written application cannot provide. By visiting the site, judges will often see the physical process and/or tools used to facilitate the program. Judges will also be able to ask questions, verify information, and stimulate dialogue. This is an opportunity for judges to clarify incomplete or unclear application information.