Two Local Environmental Advocacy Opportunities for 2018-2019

Organized by the Committee for Green Foothills, the Community Advocates Leadership Academy (CALA) strengthens leadership skills and fosters learning with other change-makers to make a greater impact on environmental and social challenges. Participants meet one Saturday a month for half-day classes (venues rotate throughout San Mateo and Santa Clara counties). Program runs September 2018 through June 2019.
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Sierra Club 's Environmental Stewardship Program, now in its fifth year, employs film screenings, lectures and seminars, hands-on projects, and community outings to help its participants understand critical environmental issues, gain lobbying and activist skills, and enjoy nature. Program runs Oct 1, 2018 until June 3, 2019 at the Peninsula Conservation Center in Palo Alto.
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Acterra recommends two excellent leadership programs run by other local environmental organizations: 


Committee for Green Foothills: CALA Climate Advocates Leadership Academy

Join the Community Advocates Leadership Academy (CALA) and transform your passion into vocal and effective community advocacy. A program of the Committee for Green Foothills, CALA is a competitive 10-month training program that empowers both new and experienced community change-makers to make Silicon Valley more healthy, sustainable, and socially just. Join CALA to collaborate, learn new skills, and maximize your impact! For more information, including an overview of the curriculum and an application form, please click here.

Sierra Club Loma Prieta Chapter: ESP Environmental Stewardship Program

In this Environmental Stewardship Program you will learn about critical environmental issues, lobby politicians to pass important environmental legislation, learn how to be an activist, and enjoy nature through group activities.  These goals will be accomplished through screenings of award-winning environmental documentaries, educational seminars, hands-on projects, and community outings.  

Previous program participants have included elected officials and have ranged in age from high school students to senior citizens. Many have gone on to play integral roles in various environmental organizations—both grassroots NGOs and government agencies—and are continuing to work towards building a better world. Click here for more information.