Featured Volunteer:
Margaret Rosenbloom

Photo of Margaret Rosenbloom

I enjoy being a Green@Home volunteer because it enables me to meet people at all points in the spectrum of energy use awareness...I have greatly enjoyed working with other dedicated skillful and knowledgeable volunteers.
— Margaret

Get Involved with Green@Home!

Green@Home has many opportunities for individuals or groups to help expand our program and learn how to make our homes more energy efficient. Green@Home starts by making small changes that add up to a significant impact — and develops the community spirit that results in policy level shifts, as well. Join us in building a grassroots movement to curb climate change! Here are the many interesting and rewarding volunteer positions:

Green@Home Housecall Volunteers

Green@Home Outreach Volunteers

Green@Home Kit Managers

Green@Home Office Volunteers

Green@Home HouseCall Volunteers help hundreds of residents in Cupertino, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale reduce their energy use by providing free home energy audits and installing basic energy saving devices. Acterra is seeking volunteers to serve in these cities.

Volunteers in Training Session

To become a HouseCall Volunteer, you must attend a two-part training program. A $30 deposit is required at the start of training, and will be refunded after performing a minimum of two HouseCalls within two months of finishing your training. Volunteers work in teams and will be expected to perform approximately two 2 hour HouseCalls a month with a minimum of 10 HouseCalls performed. HouseCalls are scheduled at a time that is convenient for the volunteer.

Our currently scheduled HouseCall Volunteer Trainings are:

We apologize, but we currently do not have any HouseCall Volunteer Trainings scheduled. If you would like to be notified of future events, please email greenathome*acterra.org

Green@Home Outreach Volunteers help spread the word about the program. Do you have one to two hours to walk a neighborhood in Cupertino, Mountain View, or Sunnyvale to help fight climate change? Groups are welcome! We are also looking for Outreach Volunteers to help publicize the Green@Home program by posting and distributing flyers or tabling at community events.

If you are interested in becoming a Green@Home Outreach Volunteer please contact us at greenathome*acterra.org or 650-962-9876 x380.

Kit Image

Green@Home Kit Managers support the HouseCall Volunteers and help keep things running smoothly. The Kit Manager restocks and maintains the tool kits needed for HouseCalls, monitors kit availability, and provides their home as a pick up location. This is a great job for people who wish to volunteer from home. If you are interested in becoming a Green@Home Kit Manager please contact us at greenathome*acterra.org or 650-962-9876 x380.

We apologize, but we are not currently seeking kit manager volunteers.

Green@Home Office Volunteers help maximize the impact of our program. We are looking for people to send publicity by email, do phone interviews with participants, schedule HouseCalls, enter data, assemble program materials and do other office tasks. If you would like to spend a few hours a week working with others at the Acterra office please contact us at greenathome*acterra.org or call 650-962-9876 x380.

We apologize, but we are not currently seeking office volunteers.