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Acterra is now giving FREE Electric Vehicle Consultations

Are you interested in "going EV," but need a little encouragement before taking the plunge? We can help! Sign-up for a free consultation with an Acterra EV Ambassador. During your consultation, your Ambassador will answer your questions, provide information about specific makes/models, charging options, and leasing vs buying, and share their owner experiences. Consultations take place via phone or in person if you would like to take an EV test ride/drive. Don't delay − take your first step towards EV adoption TODAY!

About Acterra's GoEV program

Acterra is committed to helping accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy. Clean vehicles, including cars powered by electricity, are a key to making this change. Thus, Acterra is embarking on a new program to provide citizens in our region with the tools, information, and support they need in order to "Go EV." Program activities include:

EV Ambassadors

Acterra is utilizing its signature "grass-roots" approach by convening a group of EV proponents who are educating community members about the benefits of electric vehicles. EV Ambassadors answer questions and provide encouragement to prospective owners, give EV test rides/drives, and participate in Acterra's EV-related events and activities. Interested in becoming an Ambassador? Sign up here!


Acterra is conducting two-hour workshops throughout the year which will provide consumers with information about the benefits and how-to's of EV ownership.

Ride & Drive Events

These opportunities allow prospective EV owners to get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle and experience "the delightful driving experience" first-hand. Our most recent event, Ride, Drive, and Be Green, was held during National Drive Electric Week on September 18, 2016:

Ride and Drive Photo Ride and Drive Photo Ride and Drive Photo Ride and Drive Photo