The Be the Change program is no longer being offered.

Are you ready to BE THE CHANGE?

“Be the Change is a remarkable forum that embodies the new environmentalism – it integrates the thoughtful contributions of top-notch environmental leaders from industry, government, and social movements alike.”

- Professor Bill Barnett
Stanford Graduate School of Business and Be The Change lecturer

Indoor Be the Change Class

The urgency of the ecological challenges we face means that we cannot wait for government and industry to act. We need new citizen leaders. And we need leaders from diverse backgrounds whose varied experiences and skills hold the wisdom to create holistic environmental solutions.

Starting each September, Acterra's environmental leadership program engages diverse participants - from business leaders to educators to scientists to social activists - in a year-long training program. Offering monthly seminars, workshops, student projects, panel discussions and field trips, the program emphasizes building skills that enable people to act within the organizations where they work, live, worship and play to bring about significant changes in how they relate to the natural world. The program requires a full day each month, plus occasional evening programs and project work time.

“The program was a great vehicle for me to understand how I can market our ideas to others. After completing the program in 2006, we started to market our solid waste reduction ideas to various federal agencies. We now have 3 million in sales, with clients, including the Air Force, Coast Guard, EPA, and FAA.”

- Jai Sharma
Business Development Manager, Zero Waste Solutions, and BTC class of 2005-2006.

“ Being a part of Acterra’s Be The Change leadership program has been a fabulous experience. The program has brought a diverse motivated group of environmental activists together with informative speakers and powerful training”

- Sarah Rosendahl
former staff aide to State Senator Joe Simitian and BTC class of 2006-2007.

“Acterra’s Be The Change program has expanded my thinking about what sustainable community means… I value the integration of physical and social sciences with social activism.”

- Celia Lawren
marketing consultant and BTC class of 2006-2007